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Attorneys protecting homeowners and landowners.

If the government needs your home, land or business for a highway or other public project, the government CAN TAKE YOUR PROPERTY. However, under the law, you are entitled to receive JUST COMPENSATION, or the fair value of your property, based on its highest and best use. If the government won't pay fair value voluntarily, you are entitled to a jury trial to determine the value of the property that has been taken.

At White & Stradley, LLP, we represent homeowners, business owners and land owners whose land is being taken by the government or by a private condemnor such as a public utility. We help clients navigate the process, and put decades of combined trial experience to work to ensure our clients receive fair value for their property.

No attorney fee unless we get you more money.

If we don't get you more money than the government is offering, you don't owe us a dime in attorney's fees. Further, we only charge an attorneys fee on the amount we secure for you over the amount the government contends it owes.